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[please post your BondCon experences in this thread...]

I just retruned with friends from the bondage convention in Las Vegas ( the exhibit space was small but comfy, like a family gathering, and everyone was great. there could have been more demo's and i thought the model/photographer connection could have been easier (with studios set up for quick shoots, since most models were dressed to the nine-inch-heels).

highlights included watching House of Gord worker Claire Adams ( get masterfully hogtied. later, in full latex bodysuit, she was taped up with arms bound behind her, only her nose and eyes showing, and attached by a chain from her head to a metal scaffold. she then hobbled for 10 minutes in Damask ballet boots across the treadmil rolling below her.

something to witness, let me tell ya.

paul nathan threw two great parties, but the best event was small and private: the play party held by my LA friends, Mistresses Gemini & Kittin, at their suite. it was absurdly fabulous. at one point, the girl with the single tail whip caught a piece of ficus from the little tree in the corner of the room behind her and when her whip snapped across this fellow's mightily scarlet ass, a little ficus leaflet appeared in his butthole, as it it had sprouted at the sound of the whip. beautiful and very funny.

at that party, i had a delcious opportunity to spank a striking model/pain slut, which i did for perhaps 45 minutes to an hour (where does time go in these situations?). i've never seen someone take such a severe spanking. everyone in the room was in awe, including me and Sal (Sir Nik from LA), who has seen as much as anyone in the scene. truly a case of "wish you were there." i'm still buzzing from it, so you may see me at B-a-Go-Go tomorrow.

the contrast b/w BondCon and AVN (the adult entertainment expo) was hilarious. be thankful, kiddies, that you are in have (and will have) much richer experiences than most folks on the planet.

i'll post links to the most interesting products at BondCon in the coming week.
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    Sat, January 24, 2004 - 4:02 PM
    Hi folks! Took forever, but my wife (M) and I also were at Bondcon. Quite a hoot it was, too! Saw a pile of SF people (Mark of, Michael Blue of moonlighting with, Peter and Rachel from and a bunch of other pervs we know (the whole houseofgord crew, Ian Rath and Eden Wells from LA, etc.). And ran into Paul Nathan but were too burnt to make it to the Venetian on Friday night. Sigh... :-)

    But we took quite a few pictures at the con itself on Saturday, a selected dozen of which I've just uploaded to SF BDSM's photo album. Enjoy! And drop me a line if you like any in particular.

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      Sun, January 25, 2004 - 8:31 PM
      Seriously Rob!

      Thank you for posting the BonCon pictures. You brought those who could'nt go, there. That's big...