Our YouTube is Back Up - But Severely Gutted

topic posted Wed, March 12, 2008 - 7:58 AM by  -JD-
Our YouTube account is back up with the exception of ten videos.

1. Art of TKB
2. Knot Based Harnesses by TKB
3. The Modified Pearls by TKB
4. The Leg Bow by TKB
5. The Star Back Harness by TKB
6. The Ankle Wrap by TKB
7. The Basic Wrap by TKB
8. The Cat’s Paw by TKB
9. The Rope Shackle by TKB
10. Two Knotty Boys in Portland (Day One)

I’ll be posting those videos on Google Video and linking them to our myspace page ( for viewing, soon. For the most part they took down all the actual bondage instructions, with the exception of two (the French Bowline Shackle and the Dragoon Fly Sleeve). Not sure why they took down “Two Knotty Boys in Portland” (Dan and I are just talking to the camera in that one).

Here’s the letter they sent:


Hi JD,

We were not able to locate your letter in our system, however your livejournal posting was brought to our attention. We appreciate the steps you have taken to comply with the YouTube Community guidelines and the overall compliant nature of your content. Accordingly we have reinstated your account.

As our policies continue to grow and evolve along with the YouTube Community, we will give further consideration to how such content can be appropriately distinguished.

If you have sent in another email regarding this issue, please reply back with any ticket number you may have received in response so that we can close the loop and avoid any confusion or duplicate efforts.

Hope this helps,

The YouTube Team


JD ~ Mixed Feelings
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    I am dumbstruck! With all the non consensual fighting, assualts, and other stupid shit, (not excluding some pretty painful self inflicted injury and idiocy) and activities caught on film and posted on YouTube - calm quiet thoughtful CONSENSUAL rope bondage and instruction on how to safely execute it is somehow offensive enough to be removed???!!!

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      Welcome to the information age. Where art is "offensive" and graphic violence is "art." After all, wouldn't you rather watch the drunk 15 year old puking in a trashcan at a house party than have JD teach us some beautiful rope work? *sigh*
    • We live in a world of diametrically opposed perceptions ... What for some is considered pornographic and disturbing for others is elegant and engaging. I consider what we (TKB) do to be the latter, YouTube considers it the first.

      What troubles me the most is how motivated people are to act upon, protest and shut down what are essentially virtuous presentations of sensual engagements in the context of tasteful tutorials. While (as you pointed out) videos depicting violence, hatred and derision are accepted as okay (no action necessary – the videos only show the way things are).

      My ongoing hope for this world is that we one day come to celebrate sensuality, acts of love and connection as they way things are (or should be) and feel motivated to act upon or protest violence, hatred and derision.

      Given the pathologically prudish nature of most social network’s Terms of Use (TOU), you’d think they believe babies come from storks to be dropped into a world built for suffering.

      JD ~ of TKB
      • This may be sort of a silly question, but other than for the accessibility of catching people looking around already on youtube (or google video) is there a reason you're not just working on hosting the videos off of your own site? Bandwidth costs ain't what they used to be, and flash video is fairly secure and compressed.
        • And, come to think of it, video podcasting would be even easier and let people subscribe via RSS. Written instructions could also be built into the file, etc. Hell, you might even be able to have them publish the feed via iTunes, since they already have several BDSM audio podcasts.
          • We’re in the process of bringing our site up to speed to host the videos there. Still, the bandwidth challenge is a dilemma (we’re at 57 videos and growing) and the site restoration is going to take time.

            That said, YouTube worked for Dan and my schedule. These days we’re flying out of the Bay Area weekly (for shoots, performances and workshops) and both he and I have day jobs.

            Between a full work week, winding down from the weekend and winding up for the next, we were able to create, edit and quickly download tutorials to YouTube (usually took about 45 minutes to generate the tutorial and ten minutes to post).

            We never had to worry about bandwidth or other issues associated with hosting the abundance of videos we produce. Some weeks we’d post up to three videos.

            In the end, not having a quick place to load our videos reduces the likelihood of a video being produced in the first place (without a quick convenient place to load the tutorials, we just won’t have the time).

            All this coupled with the fact that Dan and I are in the middle of creating our second book, and you have a recipe for the videos to stop—at least until things settle down and we can find a quick, safe space to post again.

            JD ~
            • Alas, that makes complete sense.

              For ease the only thing I can think of short of another person to do it would be the blog method. And there again people could subscribe, etc.

              I can't remember the name, but someone here might... There was a video hosting service similar to youtube that launched a while back for video artists and the like where I want to say hosting was free as long as you posted the video under a open source or community license.

              Looking around a bit I also found this article that might have something useful, save for the one at the end that's for South Africa.
        • Probably the difference between thousands of potential viewers and millions.

          Yup, everybody is allowed to look at people tied up but gods forbid people learn how to tie people up safely.So that leaves people free to say, copy the rope scene in yesterday afternoon's episode of Law & Order SVU and accidentally strangle themselves in the process.
          • I have yet to see anyone tied up on SVU that looks like the rope would actually hold for any length of time.

            Geeze, Louise, some of the rope work I've noticed on TV looks like someone just draped the rope around the person and said, "Hold still."

            • Nope, it was an absolutely real shibari harness but I don't believe it was attached or integral in any way with the rope around her neck that was tied to the cailing fan-this was supposed to be an autoerotic hanging accident.
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                I have actually had quite a bit of experience in hanging fans and while I keep in mind that I live in earthquake country and make them extra securely bolted, I know damned well that to attempt top hang myself on one could possibly result in my death, not by hanging mind yo, but more likely, blunt force trauma as the fan falls and cracks open my skull.
    • Unfortunately this is nothing new. Violence has always been considered OK, but anything that could be considered remotely obscene gets banned. Chalk it up once again to the puritanical society we live in.
      • my rant is any sex, nudity and a movie is rated XXX. Yet a movie can have tons of violence and blood and killing and torture and rape and wife beating and blackmail and extortion and insanity and humans eating humans and ( i am running out of ideas).
        And also, a movie can have tons of the above but throw in a bad word and the censors go nuts.