Electrical play?

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Who is into this sort of thing? I have fallen into a situation where I have access to a large amount of electrical gear and I have become pretty fascinated by it. Maybe it's just the geek in me because I took all those electrical engineering courses in college.

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  • There is a great book by Uncle Abdul called Juice that has all sorts of electrical play info in it. He's some sort of electrical engineer.

    • Thanks Lilith for the kind words. Had I known of this thread, I would have joined in earlier.

      Actually I am an electrical engineer--licensed for electrical fun in two states. The book BTW is Juice--Electricity for Pleasure and Pain. Also folk may be interestred in my website:

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    Cool! What kinds of things to you have access to?

    I love the idea of e-stim, but it scares me. I've played with a little gizmo (similar to a tens unit, but battery powered) that I bought at Longs on a whim, but that's all. It was quite fun though, and definitely produced unfamiliar sensations. I think I just have to do more research to quell my fears; perhaps reading the book Lilith recommended is in order.
    • It's a good book. I so far get into tens units, violet wands, cattle prods, and a hand crank generator from World War II. Oh, and an electric dog collar plus a purported electrical "exerciser."

      Lilith (always ready to cause pain in SOME way.)
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      So far there is a tens unit with a lot of weird attachments and a couple of violet wands here, all unused. He has a closet that I am cleaning out, it's got all kinds of odd thing in there. I am fairly well versed in how the toys work (I once built a tesla coil out of Henry Weinhardt's beer bottles) so the fear isn't really there for me.

      The only place I have seen a tens unit before this was an ex-roommate who had one for physical therapy on a smashed knee.

      I will check out that book.
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        You might also want to get a few stun guns in a variety of voltages, and an electric flyswatter. I've been having a lot of fun with my stun guns lately. The violet wand is fun, too.

        I'd be firing up the TENS with the attachments. Gotta get me one of those.
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      I strongly recomend that book, and anything from him. He is very much the expert. Personally, I love the T.E.N.S type units myself, powerfull sexual muscle stimulus or pain, or a little (or plenty) of both so easy to generate. The problem, like with most things that can be powerfull, is that they need to be used cautiously.

      As I understand it, and I have been around at least a fair amount, thus am fairly adept at sorting through some of the hearsay, TENS (transcutaneous electronic nuero stimulators, or through the skin nerve stimulus) are a subtype of EMS, or electro muscular stimulators. EMS units, most likely what you found at the drug store, are of similar nature to TENS, but less sophisticated in the finer points of the power and adjustment. TENS units are generaly more controllable and a bit, by design, more medically risk reduced.

      All of this can be hugely fun and sexual, and part of incredible S&M risk aware kink. The down side again is the power it puts into fingertips. Some used electrical train units for pain pleasure play, or magneto's from old phones. TENS are a huge step forward in safety, but the operator still counts most for safety.

      One final point to keep in mind. The heart and every other important part of you body is controlled and communicates through subtle electrical stimulus. Everyone from elctro-thorasic cardiologists to kindney doctors have chimed in on one point of the electrical play discussion, the aformentioned book is the best overall culling of that information I have seen. Barring reading that, the quick suggestions that can go along way toward preventing mistakes, are used below the waist, and in particular, do not cross the heart muscle or nerve paths to the heart from the brain with these devices.

      Much more is available on line too, good luck, I speak from personal experience, these devices *can* be terrific fun, and in my opionon, when used properley with responsible players, actually be as low risk or lower risk as some common percussion play methods. Enjoy -e
  • i picked myself up a violet wand setup from Mr. S here in SF a few years ago. it's pretty great.
    • I've had good experience using an electrical butt plug. It was hooked up the a box that had a setting that made it sound activated. So the sound of my voice or a squeal of pain/delight would set it off.
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        ooooh, I never played with a voice activated one. cool! I have had a butt plug one and a vaginal one in at the same time with an evil girl at the controls :) I'd duplicate the experience for scientific purposes
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        Very good point about the attachment. Much ado is made about the TENS manufacturer,(clone, ErosTeck, PGP MAX, etc.) but way more important in this perv's opinion are the operator and the attacments/placements.

        They charge way too much for most things in the stores, but once you get comfortable with it your device and how it can be used for sensation, it is easy to go from there. I have borrowed one person's idea in the bay area and made a vaginal attachment out of a silver metal cigar case, similar to the butt plug attachment sold in stores, but "monopole" so it stimulates in 360 degrees equally through the "region." Place the other lead on the upper butt where the thin is skin below the spine an the whole pelvis will experience deep convulsive contractions. Other devices can be combined like CBT devices, other sex toys, etc.,

        The models with the "flight modes" or sound sensitivity are nice, but being in control and operating based on your partners reactions are a special thrill too. As much as I like the violate wand, (where I have taken my currents scene name from for a while)I went under the name of Voltz for about tens years before that based on my love of TENS, and its still my favorite electrical play. Very powerfull, very deep, very rythmic. The violate wand is barely electrical "foreplay" in comparison in my own tastes.
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    The Folsom Box is the lazy top's best friend!

    I can get a bottom writhing in pain or coming with pleasure just by sitting there sipping my cocktail and twiddling knobs, instead of swinging a flogger or doing some intricate rope bondage thingie.


    Uncle Abdul's book is great if you're pretty comfortable with low-voltage electrical engineering, but it's pretty short on easily-digestable info for the non-technically-inclined.
  • great fun with all sorts of interesting reactions from people that are "vanilla" but get wet at the prospect of a shocking touch or involuntary contractions have fun with it ... and send me a list of what you might like to pass on.. whahoo!

    • I LOVE Estim/electrical play. Though as of late I've been at a distinct lack of equipment and I miss it dearly! There just never seems to be an end to the interesting combinations of sensation with elecricity. Bless you Ben Franklin, bless your ever lovin soul!
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    Back in high school, I bought a nice butane lighter for myself. not for smoking, but just because I'm a pyro. I blame the boy scouts.
    The butane itself was ignited by one of those piezo electric spark devices. One day I stuck the metal from a pushpin inside for the spark to arc to since there was no more gas.
    The metal pin complete with kung-fu action spark lighter became my first electrical play toy -- helping pass the time, and occasionally surprising a friend or two in the hall for the sake of experiment.