Humiliation Ideas?

topic posted Mon, March 22, 2004 - 11:39 PM by  House Pet
Anybody out there have any good humiliation ideas for a female or group of females to do to a submissive male?

I'm looking for practical ideas that can actually be executed without offending any innocent bystanders, children, etc.

I'm a 26 year old submissive male into humiliation and degradation. I would love to find a female or group of females out there who would love to make me execute the best idea that gets posted on here. Perhaps we could even post a pic to the group! Drop me message if you're interested.
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House Pet
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    Tue, March 23, 2004 - 3:30 AM

    (1) Have one or more people of the people (can be either the boy or any of the girls) go somewhere discrete and urinated into a paper cup. The boy can drink it publically without the innocent bystanders know it isn't coffee

    (2) Have the boy wear frilly girlie underwhere under his clothing.

    (3) Have the boy wear and wet a diaper under his clothing.

    (4) Have the boy ask for directions to places that are close, obvious and within line of sight
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    Tue, March 23, 2004 - 4:42 AM

    (5) Have them force you to buy embarrassing things, asking for help from the store personnel, while they watch and laugh at you

    - tampons

    - adult diaper

    - herbal viagra type things

    - extra small condoms

    (6) dress you up in clothing that make you look stupid

    -- striped flood pants

    -- a too small checked shirt buttonned to the neck

    -- white gym sock

    -- brown shows

    -- all with visible stains

    -- ugly style hair -- very greasy

    -- lots of little pieces of toilet paper on your face as if you had millions of shaving nicks

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    Mon, April 19, 2004 - 12:37 PM
    How about any of the following:

    1) Have the sub insert a remote control vibrator into any desired orifice (in your case, you only have one...) and give the remote control to the top. Then they can turn it one while you shop, etc. Good ones are silent enough, but it's hard to not react when it goes on...

    2) Find a path that goes where there are no houses, etc. where people look out onto the path. Then, when it is night, walk down the path with your top. At various times, the top might force the sub to stop while the top does things to or forces the sub to do things. This can include stripping, dropping pants so that the top can insert objects, and many other options. Of course, since anyone might come along at any time, the top will need to be aware and pay attention to see if someone is coming. This can be quite a thrill to both parties. It is a good idea to have clothes that can be easily pulled back on if someone is coming.

    3) If more than one top is involved, have the sub sit in front of the tops and speak of the various degrading things that the sub enjoys.

    4) Do #3 but where the sub is required to provide the name of one or more males to also be included in the group who will hear what the sub has to say. Or the tops can bring guests. Whether the guests will be requested to protect the privacy of what is said by the sub should be determined ahead of time.

    5) Have the sub describe an act that the sub would not do (ie beyond limits - such as describing how he might give a dog a blow job, scat play, etc.) The sub would be rated on how convincing his description is and if it sounds like the sub really wants to do it or not. The topic should be something that is clearly beyond the agreed to limits (and it should be clear that the sub would not be forced to do the activity, just describe it.)

    6) Make the sub insert a tampon rectally and wear panties with a thick pad in them. Then explain to the top what he has done.

    7) If the top is using a tampon, make the sub remove it, dispose of it, and insert a fresh one.

    This should give you some ideas. And most of these work just as well with a female sub....

    Take care,